About Vito

In 1949, when New York City became the center of the art world, Mr. Giallo moved from Brewster N.Y.  to Manhattan to attend the Franklin school, a private commercial art school located in a fabulous penthouse on the northwest corner of Park Avenue and 57th St.

Following graduation Mr. Giallo was employed as a graphic artist for various studios. In 1953, while working with Jack Wolfgang Beck Studio Mr. Giallo suggested that the large unused space in the studio be an art gallery. Mr. Giallo called at the Loft Gallery, both he and Andy Warhol show there.

The gallery closed in 1956 when Mr. Giallo left Beck’s studio and became Andy Warhol’s first paid assistant.

In 1958 Mr. Giallo opened his first antiques shop on the Upper East Side and became dealer too many of the artist from the New York school including Joseph Cornell, Walker Evans, Franz Kline, Lee Krasner and Mark Rothko. He no longer assisted Warhol but Warhol would stop by almost every day to see the store.

After 36 years as an art dealer Mr. Giallo closed his last shop and operated his business as a prop house, renting antiques for photo shoots, from his Upper East Side townhouse.

Martha Stewart purchased Mr. Giallo’s entire collection five years later, in 1999 and in 2001 Mr. Giallo moved to Brooklyn to resume his career as an artist.

Bio written by Thomas Kiedrowski


Vito Giallo is represented by Maddie Drew of Crzy Lvrs Management based in New York City. Please use the contact form located in the menu for any inquiries.

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